Analysis of the 2014 Beijing stable shelf industry situation, seize the opportunity of achievement of brand strength

In recent years, China's shelf industry has become the scale, more and more shelf enterprises, especially with the development of economic integration, the world's leading logistics enterprises, logistics supporting enterprises, shelf industry also landed in China, foreign enterprises with advanced management experience and technical ability to enter the Chinese market, so that the logistics industry is constantly updated blood, business scale development.

At the same time, because of the shelf industry in the field of machinery, electric power, automotive manufacturing, medicine, retail and other fields of wide application, it is increasingly subject to government and the market's attention and favor, industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Corresponding, is also getting higher and higher to the shelf industry and standardization, requires the shelf of the function, technical content, quality, efficiency is more and more strict, the trend of the survival of the fittest companies obviously, and in the industry rapid development and expansion of the Beijing sitebo storage rack Manufacturing Co., Ltd., with its convenient, efficient, safety, green shelf products and service system, can not help but refreshing, the significant features and advantages also other shelves enterprises as the industry brought more inspiration and guidance.

Seize the opportunity to achieve brand strength

Beijing sitebo storage rack Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is committed to the modern logistics technology development, research, design, production and installation of integrated professional company, has the abundant technical force and advanced production equipment and mature production technology and perfect quality assurance system. Development of the company has experienced more than ten years of business history, and in an orderly manner in accordance with the business goals and planning before, has successfully completed one after another enterprise first, second phase development plan. The successful development of the facilities comprehensive and elite production base and complete and perfect the production process and service system, better will products and reputation promotion to the country and even overseas. From 2002 to 2004, just over two years will hit a total of more than sixty million years of production, distribution network throughout the country forty-six provinces and cities of China, ranking first in the same industry, productivity growth rate, but also won the favor of customers in the northern region and the parties to the steady support.

In the face of the incentive market competition and market opportunities to bring the possibility of, know Beijing sitebo storage rack, to a higher, farther, stronger goal forward, only for transformation and development, advancing with the times to in the shuffle in the market to continue to survive and develop and grow, this also is sitebo development ideas, that is consistent with and with the trend of development, to development of better recover.

According to the analysis on the shelves in the industry, at present, shelf of the existing enterprises more than about one thousand. Among them, industrial production of the shelf enterprise about more than 120, with a certain scale, annual sales of over 100 million yuan enterprises have more than a dozen. In the long course of development, Beijing sitebo storage rack has formed a products with their own characteristics and operating characteristics, after the successful completion of the national marketing and promotion of the second phase of planning and development, Beijing sitebo storage rack has entered the third stage of development of the enterprise, to overseas market launched into, also achieved gratifying achievements, has become North storage equipment manufacturing industry pilot enterprises.

Opportunity comes, the development prospect is gratifying

2014 arrival, can be said that the storage shelves industry is a new opportunity, high density automation storage in the economic development of the importance of more and more, more and more varieties, more and more varieties, shelf life has been gradually applied to all walks of life, including clothing, military, food distribution and frozen storage and other fields in 2011 on the shelf demand showed a rapid growth momentum. In addition, automated warehouse supporting shelf, large size, warehouse shelves in duplicate, as well as the demand for pressure into the shelf than before a substantial increase.

In 2014, in order to accelerate the upgrading and development of the transformation of storage shelves, Beijing Stewart Boga big development efforts, to three-dimensional storage, operation unit, the operation of mechanization and automation development pattern of modernization development efforts to operate to lean, standardization, information technology development, has for all the domestic well-known enterprises completed thousands of large warehouse, the products involved in the field of logistics, medicine, clothing, electronics, coatings, printing, tobacco and other industries. According to the development strategy planning of enterprise, export sales in overseas markets has made impressive achievements, products are exported to Sweden, Canada, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States and other countries, it can be said, Stewart Bo in the warehousing equipment manufacturing industry has become a mature size of large power enterprises.

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