Some key points in the selection of storage shelves in Beijing
1, plant architecture
When the storage device is used, the effective height of the beam must be considered to determine the height of the shelf. The beam column position will affect the configuration of the shelf. The intensity of the floor, the ground level is also related to the design and installation of the shelf. In addition, it is necessary to consider the installation position of fire protection facilities and lighting facilities.
2, article characteristics
The shape and size of the storage items are directly related to the selection of the shelf size, and the weight of the storage items directly affects the choice of the strength of the shelf. And the storage unit is stored in what units, the tray (pallet) or storage cage or single products have different shelf type selection.
3, access
General access and storage density is relative. In other words, in order to get a higher storage density, it is necessary to sacrifice the access of the goods. Although some types of shelves can be better storage density, but relatively more complex reservoir management, but also often can not be advanced first out of control. The best of course three-dimensional automatic warehouse can be up to the development, access and storage density is superb, but the relative investment cost is more expensive. Therefore, what type of storage equipment, can be said to be a variety of factors, is also a strategy for the application.
4, handling equipment
Storage device's access operation is accomplished by handling equipment. Therefore, the use of storage equipment should be considered in conjunction with handling equipment. Stacker is a general handling equipment, and the shelf channel width, direct influence to pile high machine of type selection, is a counterweight or narrow type.
5, the amount of input into the library
Certain types of shelves, although a good storage density, but the amount of the input is not high, suitable for low frequency operation. Into and out of high volume is a very important data, the selection of shelf forms to consider items.
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