The analysis using the shuttle in the warehouse management in shelf drying process

Grain stack ventilation of Entomophthora. Due to the warehouse in high temperature, high humidity, the local impurity gathered, bulk grain surface localized 10cm50cm heat phenomenon and locally up to 1m or so, individual grains have mildew phenomenon, local Plodia interpunctella or maize weevil (2 head /kg5 head / kg / m2), after the end of the ventilation, shuttle shelves in warehouse check found that corn like 4 head / kg, Plodia interpunctella 2 heads / m2, the food color, smell normal, eliminating the local mildew phenomenon.

Ventilation and lowering energy consumption per unit table number of positions (T) water drop in the total power consumption (KWH) of energy consumption per unit kWh/1t tons of grain, power expenditure (yuan) note 64353544655.03.251kWh=0.65 yuan this test reached the expected wheat security precipitation objective, moisture content fell 12.4, energy consumption for per ton of grain moisture content decreased electricity 1 for 3.25 yuan, low cost, good effect, and is safe and reliable.
To the safety of grain and oil storage for the purpose of pressure ventilation and intermittent ventilation method, the grain bulk water decreased at the same time, reducing the grain stack temperature, so through the ventilation regulating grain pile temperature, humidity, effectively suppress pests and mite, microbial breeding and reproduction, improve grain storage environment, and enhance the stability of grain storage. The in store drying experiment take mandatory ventilation processing method of high moisture grain, to reduce the moisture content of grain and improve the stability of grain storage has an important role, is to slow the deterioration of the food to ensure the effective means of food quality, but also to speed up the progress of the rotation, for economic benefit maximization, a strong guarantee.
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