Beijing shelf use the advantages of electrostatic spray

We know that in the process of making the Beijing shelf, shelf surface need to be processed, then what kind of processing is the best? Beijing general use shelf surface electrostatic spray processing. The Beijing shelf factory to introduce you to the advantage of using electrostatic spray shelf:

Beijing shelf electrostatic spray advantage:

1, does not need to be thinner, the construction has no environmental pollution, no harm to human body;

2, the coating appearance quality is excellent, the adhesion and the mechanical strength is strong;

3, spraying construction curing time is short;

4, the coating corrosion resistance and wear resistance;

5, no primer;

6, the construction is simple, low technical requirements for workers;

7, the cost is lower than the same effect of spray painting process;

8, some applications have made it clear to use electrostatic spray process;

9, electrostatic powder spraying process does not appear in the common painting process flow phenomenon;

10, the spraying effect in the mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, etc.;

11, the development of fast, in addition to the hammer, orange, matte, Gao Guang, Matt, crack, flash, flash, and other effects of the various effects of.

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