Which company's shelf products is good for in Beijing

Through the front of the shelf in Beijing on the definition, characteristics, advantages and other related knowledge of the shelf, we have a general understanding of the heavy shelves, then we should pay attention to what? What is the measure of the heavy shelf? Below we step by step.

1, the structure of the shelf, shelf column to see the bending of the cross section and the average, the more symmetrical structure, the better.

2, the shelves of the beams to see the beam structure and beam to the column of the way: the beam to more good, the more force the better; beam hanging to the column to see the contact with the column can be closely linked, and the inner side of the hook with the column is not the same as the structure of the same as the force is good durable.

The above is the Beijing shelf factory to everyone to elaborate on the 2 measures of heavy shelves, I hope to help you, so that we can choose the quality of the shelves, you can pick up the good quality of the shelves, employees in the operation of the natural security more.

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