How the layout of the shelf site to attract customers visit

Shelf refers to the shops hall show and placed on the recent sale of goods to the cabinet, rack, cabinet, box and other appliances. In recent years, around the store in order to adapt to the new situation, improve their competitive ability, to the closure of the office show effect to stop the general adjustment, shelves, counters and other main used to display goods has stopped modification, some purchased a new cabinet, the closure of the office looks jazz.

Whether the cabinet shelf, cabinet type goods shelves, box type shelves, shelves boom are used to place different commodities, convenient customer choice. A group of a group of shelf dividers sales of different kinds, composed of sales team, customers into a business hall will be able to store shelves formed along the channel network, see the store operation beautiful of all kinds of goods, shop sales service is in front of the shelf and customer direct completion.

The arrangement of the shelf, is the main content of the closure of the office layout, the shelf structure woven into the channel determines the flow of customers, regardless of the vertical interludes, interspersed with slash, radiation, free circulation type or direct type etc. arranged that way, should be for operations of the volte face and save room for certain sensitive, so that with the needs to adjust the shelf layout. So modern integrated shopping malls are a combination of the various shelves, as long as some of the franchise stores only a small number of fixed way.

The gap between the shelves should ensure smooth flow, small shops in the shop door to set up the shelf is not a problem, large food stores, department stores, clothing stores, etc., to measure the size of the range of stores, operating the type of volume to measure a reasonable distance, the main channel should be between 4.5 ~ 1.6 meters, the sub channel is not less than 1.2 - 2 m.

Shelf design should ensure that the goods on display shelves have appropriate size and space, so that the goods can be effectively arranged to show the extent of their different types, vertical arrangement to show the same type of different specifications and levels. The appropriate space is not only for the vertical arrangement of goods, but also for the sale of goods shelves, put on the goods, clean to provide convenience.

The traditional materials are wood, metal (steel, aluminum), glass, in foreign countries have the use of glass to replace wood and metal, with the trend of organic glass, glass fiber, glass fiber reinforced plastic, and has the advantages of light, semi transparent, can be colored, forming free, low cost, etc.. Used to display goods shelves, cabinets, cabinet, table, box, partitions and other appliances are able to use it. Since it is free, the designer can give it many new ways. Organic glass has been created in nineteenth Century, the early products of poor wear resistance has been improved, it has a high strength, not broken, do not fade, plastic high, light diffusion, good in foreign countries, such as the price is cheaper than glass. One of the advantages of easy to plastic, so that it can be bent, folded, cut and die casting, making it used for store shelves information, there is a general appearance possibility.

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