Beijing stable storage shelves shelves: morphologization

Below by Beijing sitebo storage rack factory small introduction: due to different characteristics of various types of commodities of the shape, volume, value is bound to the storage shelf equipment such as fairs also put forward different requirements, in order to achieve the best display effect. According to the various types of goods to set up storage shelves, is currently operating room design of an effort direction.

The special goods mainly performance in whether stacking, hanging, placed vertically, horizontally, bulk, some of the items of temperature, light sensitive, to use glass refrigerated shelf, and some precious commodities of storage shelves security measures and special requirements, some products for customers in direct contact with the, in the design to provide sufficiently convenient for the customer. Traditional pharmacies in the drawer type storage shelves, cultural relics shops bogou storage shelves, bookstores, a platform type storage shelves, fruit store box type storage shelves, clothing store of boom type storage shelves are designed according to their operating characteristics of the species.

Patency of the distance between the shelf should ensure passenger, small stores and shops facing the door wall set of shelf is not a problem, large food stores, department stores, clothing stores, etc., according to the formation of the size of the store the flow of people, operating a variety of volume to calculate a reasonable distance, in general should be the main channel between 1.6 ~ 4.5 meters, channel nor less than 1.2 - 2 meters. Shelf display of goods than the stall to take full advantage of the operating space, the purpose is to put the commodity arrangement in order, so that customers at a glance, the merchandise information the fastest delivery to customers, through the emotional display of goods to stimulate and strengthen the commitment to buy;

At the same time, the sales staff to provide high standards of service to the basic business facilities. Whether Beijing shelves, shelf, box type shelves, shelves boom are used to place different products to facilitate customers to choose. A group of a group of shelf dividers sales of different varieties, composed of sales team, customers into a business hall will be able to store shelves formed along the channel network, see the store business dazzling variety of goods, shop sales service is in front of the shelf and customer direct completion. The article comes from:

The article comes from: Beijing shelves, storage shelves, warehouse shelves
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