Analysis of the characteristics of Beijing storage shelves demand

1 the number of large projects on the shelf, the demand for each item increased, the diversity of products is more prominent

Warehouse shelves to meet the needs of different users, while improving the shelf production enterprise's own product market competitiveness, many enterprises in the development of diversified products, to increase scientific and technological input, and actively develop a frozen storage, automatic selection and other functions of the shelf. As a result, the shelf is no longer a simple "storage" shelf, now has gradually evolved into a set of diverse and complex functions in one system. For example, Wujiang shelf 2010 March in Shandong of a logistics warehouse, production and installation have gravity shelves, cantilevered shelves, heavy shelves, loft style shelves and medium-sized shelves.

Throughout the overall situation, the national economic development momentum and the overall development of the logistics industry has effectively promoted the rapid development of the shelf industry. Overall, the overall development of the domestic economy to the development of the shelf industry has brought about by the majority, but for the raw materials, exchange rate instability, production capacity and other negative factors, must be fully paid attention to.

2 the market demand of the generous is to maintain the momentum of sustained growth

Warehouse shelves with the overall growth of the economy, the rapid development of the logistics industry, the market demand for shelf products has continued to grow. On the shelves of the industry has become more and more popular. Like tobacco, medical, commercial, mechanical and electrical products, textiles, clothing, military and other traditional industries, demand remains steady rise; in addition, the new materials, food refrigeration, publishing and distribution industry demand on the shelves of the rose sharply, in the past two years the market shelves sudden appearance of a new force. To publishing distribution as an example, some large distribution firm, Bookstore Group has established a large-scale warehouse and distribution center, and many books and publishers are building logistics center planning. The rapid expansion of food refrigeration industry itself also led the development of the shelf industry, the market demand for a large increase in the past two years, the rapid release. In Ender shelf, for example, despite the 2009 financial crisis led to the decline in market demand, but throughout the recent years data, the shelf market demand or in steadily rising.

3 export volume continues to grow

For nearly three years, shelf exports to maintain rapid growth. Relying on domestic product price advantage, payment security, quality and security, and many other favorable factors, many foreign customers on the domestic production of the shelf is favored; on the other hand, after many years of cooperation, a part of domestic enterprises and foreign buyers have established a relatively stable supply and marketing relationship, with the domestic market increasingly competitive, foreign trade has become one of the important business of domestic shelf production. Europe, America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East is a relatively early, relatively concentrated in the region, at present, Oceania, South America has gradually become the main purchase of the shelves. But by the exchange rate instability, the raw material price increases and other adverse factors, the risk of export increased gradually, should be subject to the attention of production enterprises.

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