Beijing shelf: a simple and practical method of odor container

Orange peel in addition to taste. Shelf fresh orange 500 grams, eating oranges, orange peel and wash Kaigan, distributed into the cabinet. 3 days later, open the showcase, fragrant smell, no odor.

Lemon flavor. The lemon cut into small pieces, placed in the showcase, removing peculiar smell.

Tea flavor. Take 50 grams of tea packed in gauze bag, placed in the showcase, removing peculiar smell. 1 months later, the tea will be out in the sun, can be used repeatedly, the effect is very good.

The stone in addition to taste. Take Maifanshi 500 grams, after the screening to the powder particles into gauze bags, placed in the showcase, 10 minutes after the smell in addition.

Vinegar in addition to taste. The exposure of some vinegar into the bottle, placed in the showcase, deodorization effect is also very good.

The baking soda in addition to flavor. Take 500 grams of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) packed in two wide mouth glass bottles (open cap), placed in the showcase, smell can be inter.

The Yellow Wine in addition to taste. With 1 Yellow Wine bowl, placed in the bottom of the showcase (to prevent the outflow), generally 3 days you can smell.

The sandalwood soap deodorant. 1 remove the wrapping paper of sandalwood soap in the refrigerator, deodorant effect is good.

In addition to charcoal taste. The amount of charcoal crushed, packed in small bags, placed in the showcase, in addition to taste very good results.

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