The characteristics of Beijing storage shelves - light duty shelves

1, light shelves with beautiful appearance, simple assembly, steel plate to 38mm as the spacing between the adjustable. Can be connected to a number of light shelves, to increase the overall stability of the shelf.

2, Beijing warehouse shelf light shelf board uses the reinforced rib welding, the capacity is large, in the relative length of each layer can reach 200kg/ layer.

3, light shelves are widely used in the enterprise warehouse, supermarket and business units.

4, light shelves can also be added on the laminate anti - static facilities, can be made into anti-static shelves, is widely used in electronic business.

5, can also be the same direction of the light shelf with the bolt connection, the entire shelf.

6, light shelf top and bottom plate and the column using corner bolt connection, safe and stable, and the interlayer plate is used special pin and plate connection, simple and convenient and arbitrary regulation, so that the assembly and disassembly are very convenient.

7, Beijing storage shelf surface treatment using surface shot blasting derusting, in addition to oil, powder electrostatic spray processing, according to customer specified color spray. Have color appearance, not easy oxidation, easy to clean, etc..

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