How to maintain the storage shelves

, storage shelf equipment maintenance by cleaning, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and general method of equipment care, in order to maintain and protect the equipment construction machinery performance and technical conditions, known for equipment maintenance.

There are four main requirements for equipment maintenance:

(1) inside and outside of the equipment are clean the whole mining machinery cleaning, the sliding surface, a screw rod, a rack, a gear box, oil hole and no oil, no leakage of the various parts, do not leak, peripheral cutting debris, debris, dirt mechanical engineer to clean;

(2) neat tools, accessories, workpiece (products) to be placed neatly, pipes, lines to be organized; < used woodworking machinery BR>

(3) good lubrication regular refueling or oil, oil constantly, stemless phenomena of friction, oil pressure is normal, standard oil of bright, smooth circuit oil with Tianjin Machinery requirements, gun, cup, linoleum clean;

(4) safety in compliance with safety operation procedures, no overload of the use of equipment, equipment, safety equipment, safety equipment is complete and reliable, timely elimination of unsafe factors.

Maintenance and maintenance of equipment in general, including daily maintenance, regular maintenance, periodic mechanical inspection and accuracy inspection of Hangzhou, equipment lubrication and cooling system maintenance is an important part of equipment maintenance. Daily maintenance and washing machinery of equipment is the basic work of equipment maintenance, it must be institutionalized and standardized.

The equipment regular maintenance work to make work quota and quota of materials consumption Fumin machinery, and according to the quota assessment, equipment regular maintenance maintenance work should be included in the workshop contracted responsibility system of assessment content. Regular inspection of equipment is a planned machinery industry prevention inspection, inspection means except the human senses, but also a certain inspection tools and instruments, according to regularly check card, the regular inspection and mechanical drawing software called periodic inspection. The accuracy of the mechanical equipment should be checked in order to determine the extent of the actual accuracy of the equipment.

Equipment maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the maintenance of mechanical procedures in Qingdao.

Equipment maintenance procedures are the requirements and provisions of the daily maintenance of the equipment, adhere to the implementation of equipment maintenance procedures, can extend the life of the equipment CITIZEN mechanical table, to ensure safe and comfortable working environment. Its main contents shall include:

(1) the equipment shall be tidy, clean, strong, lubricated, construction machinery for corrosion protection, safety and other places of work content, work methods, use of equipment and materials, standards and attention to the ground

(2) the daily sun machinery inspection and maintenance and periodic inspection of the parts, methods and standards;

(3) to inspect and evaluate the content and methods of the operator to maintain the equipment.

Second, the equipment maintenance by three levels of three level maintenance system is the mid sixties of the 20th century in China, on the basis of the summarization Su mechanical seal contact scheduled maintenance system in the practice of our country on the basis, gradually improved and developed a kind of maintenance repair of, it reflects the equipment maintenance in China pipe of the center of gravity of mechanical drawing software by repair transition to a maintenance, reflecting the progress of our equipment maintenance management and give priority to in order to prevent maintenance management policy more clearly. Three levels of maintenance system, including: the daily maintenance of the equipment, the daily maintenance of equipment, primary and secondary maintenance two. Three level maintenance system is guaranteed, and the warranty Fumin machinery heavy mandatory maintenance system of equipment to the operator. Three-tier maintenance system is to rely on the masses, give full play to the initiative of the masses and implemented group group to repair, combined with special groups, do a good job in equipment maintenance of agricultural machinery support preserving nourishing effective way.

(a) equipment daily maintenance maintenance equipment daily maintenance, generally have daily maintenance and mechanical processing and maintenance, also known as patients, Bohol week insurance cases.

Date of insurance cases, insurance cases by operation workers on duty to seriously do classes before the mechanical design and manufacture of four things, the class in five note and class after four things.

(1) the first four pieces of the digest pattern information, check the transfer of records. Wipe set up mechanical processing plant, according to the provisions of lubrication. Check the position of the handle and the manual operation position is correct and flexible, whether the safety device is reliable. Low speed operation check transmission is mechanical forum no normal, lubrication, cooling is smooth.

(2) in the class five pay attention to the operation of sound, equipment, temperature, pressure, liquid level, electro hydraulic machinery, hydraulic, pneumatic system, instrument signal, safety insurance is normal.

(3) after four things off switch, all the handle of mechanical science and technology to zero. Remove iron, dirt, oil cleaning equipment rail surface and the sliding surface of Shangdi, and refueling. Cleaning work place, finishing accessories, tools. Tianjin machinery to complete the transfer of the record and the operation of the record, for the transfer of classes.

2 weeks to ensure the operation of the equipment by the equipment workers in the end of the week, at the end of the week, maintenance time: general equipment 2h, fine, large, dilute equipment 4h.

(1) the appearance of cleaning equipment guide rail, the transmission of chemical machinery parts and exposed parts, cleaning work site. To achieve internal and external clean no dead, no corrosion, clean and tidy environment.

(2) to control the transmission of coal mine mechanical inspection of the various parts of the technical situation, tighten the loose parts, adjust the clearance. Check interlock and insurance device. To achieve the normal transmission sound, safe and reliable machinery industry press.

(3) hydraulic lubricating oil line, dust cleaning mat, oil filter, oil tank add oil or oil. Check the hydraulic system, the oil cleaning machinery of Tianjin clean, smooth circuit.

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