Automatic sorting machine is a main equipment of automatic sorting system. It itself needs to build a short 40-50 meters, long 150-200 meters of mechanical transmission line, automatic sorting system as well as supporting the mechanical and electrical integration control system, computer network and communication system, this system not only covers an area of large, (frequently 20000 square meters), but also to build a high 3-4 level of three-dimensional warehouse and various automated handling facilities (such as forklift) and the matching, this huge upfront investment usually takes 10-20 years to recover.

The automatic sorting system in general by the control device, classification device, conveying device and sorting crossing composition. The control device is recognition, receiving and processing the signal sorting, according to requirements of the sorting signal indicating device classification, according to the varieties of goods, by commodity delivery location or according to the owner of the category of goods automatic classification. Demand for these sorting through different ways, such as through the bar code scanning, color coded scan, keyboard input and weight testing, speech recognition, detection of the height and shape recognition, and so on, input to the sorting control system, according to the sorting signal judgment to decide a certain goods into the which sorting crossings.

Classification device is according to the instructions of the control device sends out sorting, when has the same sorting signal of goods through the device, the device operation, the change in the conveying device on the running direction of the other conveyor to enter or enter the sorting crossing. There are many types of classification device, the general introduction, floating, inclined and branching, different devices on the sorting of goods packaging materials, packaging weight, packaging materials, such as the bottom surface of the smooth degree of different requirements.

Main part of the conveying device is a belt conveyor or, its main role is to be sorting of goods through a control device, a classifying device, and conveying device on both sides of the generally several sorting crossing connection, make the goods sliding down the main conveyor (or the main conveyor belt) in order to carry out the following operations.

Sorting crossing is already sorting goods from the main conveyor (or the main conveyor belt) into the set of cargo area of the channel, general steel, belts, rollers and other components slide, making goods from the main conveyor slide set cargo platform, where the staff will all goods on the crossing of concentrated or stored in the warehouse, or group equipped with car and distribution operations.

The above four parts are connected with the computer network, and the manual control and the corresponding manual processing link constitute a complete automatic sorting system.

Main features

1, continuous, large quantities of goods are sorted due to the adoption of the production line automatic operation, automatic sorting system is not affected by the weather, time, people such as physical constraints can be run continuously, also due to the number of unit time sorting of multi automatic sorting system, so sorting ability of automatic sorting system is manual sorting system can be more than 100 hours of continuous operation, per hour can be sorting 7000 packaged goods, such as artificial is only an hour sorting 150 about, also sorting workers cannot in the labor intensity of the continuous work 8 hours.

2 sorting error rate is very low automatic sorting system sorting error rate is mainly determined by the accuracy of the input sorting information, which also depends on the input mechanism of sorting information, if the use of artificial keyboard or speech recognition method, the error rate of 3%, such as the use of bar code scanning input, unless the bar code printing itself error, otherwise it will not go wrong. Therefore, the automatic sorting system mainly uses the bar code technology to identify the goods.

3, sorting operations to achieve the basic realization of the automatic sorting system is one of the purposes is to reduce the use of personnel, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the use efficiency of personnel, so automatic sorting system can minimize the use of personnel, basic to do no. Sorting operation itself does not require the use of personnel, personnel use only limited to the following:

(1) the purchase, delivery vehicles at the end of the automatic sorting line, manual delivery.

(2) the operation of the manual control system.

(3) a collection of goods carried out in the end of the sorting line shall be carried out, and the goods are loaded and loaded.

(4) the operation, management and maintenance of automatic sorting system.

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