Characteristic description:
Mold shelf is a kind of shelf, short: die frame, the main storage of all kinds of mold items, according to the level of capacity requirements into light mold shelf and heavy mold shelf. Mold frame is mainly used for placing all kinds of plastic mold, metal mold, die casting, powder metallurgy die, extrusion die. The top shelf gourd can be configured to move the car, to facilitate lifting the mold. Mold shelf also known as mold frame or a drawer type goods shelf, the main storage of a variety of mold materials, top shelf can be configured to move the hoist car, to lifting mould conveniently. Safe and reliable operation of additional safety devices; light bearing combination, and sliding balance with independent mold lifting device; the space saving, covers an area of only 1.8 square meters, dozens of sets can be stored in small mold; simple structure, composed of various combinations of components and assembly, convenient disassembly, transportation and assembly; the drawer type mold frame of each grid each bearing 800-1000KG; saves space, each cell can hold multiple sets of molds, mold maintenance convenient management and search; mold easily pumping plate bearing pumping, upper and lower interval adjusted, the collaborative features pulley and manual hoist easily, easy storage; die adopts detachable type structure, all parts can be combined at intervals, easy disassembly.

Several major characteristics of the mould storage system:

1, the combination of assembly, mainly by the column, guide groove, drawer layer, tie rod, positioning pin, etc., using bolt connection, structure stability, safe and reliable, into a row.
2, drawer tray slide, drawer tray. The drawer plate is welded with the rectangular tube and the bending part, which is composed of the frame and the steel plate.
3, the mold shelf drawer for safety considerations, design the positioning pin and the limit pin, in order to ensure the safety of the drawer in the extraction.
4, light mold shelf layer in 200 to 800kg/ layer. Heavy drawer type shelf layer is contained in: 800 to 1500kg/ layer.
5, the mold shelf space, a major, detailed, easy to operate.
6, can also mold shelf drawer tray in the cargo shelf beams, with the cost savings, the structure is more stable.

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