Characteristic description:
Pressing type shelf, also known as push back rack is between the front and rear beam with multiple layers trolley overlap connected, pushed into the will stack of goods are placed in the trolley from the outside, the storage of goods will will push the original goods inside. Press into the shelf is a tray of vehicles and other typical structure, the tray has the characteristics of flow, goods are provided at one end of the shelf and out, and follow the advanced order. The forklift truck is located at the lower end of the shelf life of the goods. This kind of shelf has the typical characteristics of high storage density, fast storage and transportation. Usually used in the storage area is very limited, but it has to increase the storage capacity or the time required for the goods, such as the selection of goods is not high. The advantage of the pressure is to save the number of operating channels, the requirements of the forklift is not high, can effectively improve the utilization rate, the main application in the warehouse space, but also the warehouse area is not large, and the goods should be in accordance with the position of the advanced.

Some characteristics of the pressure in storage system:
1, the storage density is high, the general depth can be 3 stores;
2, when a large number of products of a product and not require the "advanced first out", can simplify the work process, the benefit is very significant;
3, can shorten the picking time, do not need special handling equipment;
4, and the use of the cross beam shelf space can save the 1/3, increase the storage density, can use the general forklift access, items will automatically slide to the top of the reservoir;
5, due to a large storage area, the channel is less, so the space utilization ratio and productivity is very high, can avoid the high density storage shelves in the loading and unloading operations often prone to damage.

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