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How to install heavy-duty shelves?The installation process of heavy-duty shelves. There will always be more or less problems during the installation process of heavy-duty shelves. Either the part is missing or the tool does not know where to put it. Therefore, the installation employees must pay attention to the installation process of heavy-duty shelves. , so that the installation of heavy-duty shelves can be completed in an orderly manner without any problems of this kind.The following is a detailed introduction to the installation process of heavy-duty shelves.


1. Assembly of column pieces.

1. Take out the two columns and arrange them in the same order.

2. Take out the horizontal diagonal brace (the long one is the diagonal brace, the short one is the horizontal brace), and align a horizontal brace with the screw hole closest to the foot of the column (the opening faces upward). 

3. Place the washer (block) on it.

4. Tighten the nut before inserting the screw (no need to tighten).

5. Put the other end of the cross brace into the same position of the other column, align a diagonal brace with the hole and put it into this column (with the opening facing downwards), insert the spiral thread and screw it on (no need to tighten it) ).

6. Align the other end of the diagonal brace with the higher hole of the other column, take out another diagonal brace, insert the screw, and tighten the nut.Install all diagonal braces accordingly.

7. When it is installed at the top hole, take a horizontal brace and install it on the column together with the end of the last installed diagonal brace.

8. Place a washer (block) on the other end of the cross brace and install it into the column.

9. Install all the column pieces in this way and tighten all the screws with a wrench.


2. Installation of cross beams

1. Stand up a column piece (with the feet facing down) and snap one end of the beam into the appropriate position of the column piece.(The bayonet of the cross beam faces downward, which means the safety pin hole faces downward) 

2. Insert the safety pin.

3. Accordingly, set up another column piece to install the other end of the beam, and then install all the beams according to the actual cargo placement requirements.


3. Installation of partitions.

1. Insert the partitions into the appropriate position of each crossbeam (a position that can support the pallet). To maintain a beautiful appearance, each partition should be placed in the same direction.

2. Installation of sub-frame.One end of the sub-frame cross beam is installed on the column piece of the adjacent shelf.

3. Fixation of position.Arrange the shelves neatly according to the drawings or actual placement requirements.

4. Fix the bottom corner.

5. Use an impact drill (the drill bit is selected according to the expansion bolt provided) to drill holes at the fixing point of the shelf foot.

6. Insert the expansion bolt into the drilled hole, smash it down with a hammer, and tighten it with a wrench.

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