Medium shelves-06

Medium shelves-06

The top, bottom, frame connecting rods, column trays, chips and plug-ins of medium-sized shelves are all fixed with pins, making it easy to operate...
Usually used for storage of small and medium-sized items and heavier goods. The single-layer load-bearing capacity is preset within the range of 150kg-800kg.

Medium shelf structure features:

It belongs to a kind of storage shelf, shelf shelf type. It is distinguished and named according to the bearing capacity of the shelf. According to this division principle, the medium-sized shelf is between the light shelf and the heavy shelf, so the name of the medium-sized shelf. Usually the shelf carries 150kg-800kg/ layer (the vast majority of the shelf load is calculated by the load capacity of the layer as a unit).

Shelf structure

1, the shelf column is made of cold rolled steel plate by special cold forming machine rolling molding, the front of the column punch double row of holes, the hole distance of 50mm along the line, the column hole is used to hang the beam; The two columns are opposite each other, and there are transverse connecting pipes and inclined connecting pipes in the middle to assemble the two columns into the column pieces of the shelf.

2, the shelf beam is made of "P" type pipe, commonly known as "ladder beam", the height of the ladder matches the height of the laminates.

3, the shelf steel layer is made of cold-rolled steel plate according to the required size of four sides bending molding.

4, the beam and the column are hung and assembled into a frame, and finally the steel laminates are laid, so that a complete set of medium-sized shelves are formed.

5, all parts of the shelf after processing molding after grinding, pickling, phosphating, automatic powder electrostatic spraying, drying and other processes after assembly of finished products. The finished shelf surface produced is smooth and beautiful; The shelf layer can be adjusted up and down according to 50mm pitch, easy to disassemble and assemble.

Scope of application

1, usually used for small and medium-sized, heavy goods storage, single-layer load preset in the range of 150kg-800kg.

2, widely used in manpower, manual handling, storage and selection operations based on various occasions storage and display.


Simple structure and high safety
Simple structure and high safety
Low cost and convenient operation
Low cost and convenient operation


Strong production and delivery capacity

Strong production and delivery capacity

Automatic production process
More than 100 tons of steel are processed every day
Professional design, customized

Professional design, customized

Professional design to provide customers with reasonable
Professional warehouse storage scheme
Factory direct selling, cost saving

Factory direct selling, cost saving

No middleman makes the difference
More affordable price
Production and installation, whole process service

Production and installation, whole process service

Professional and efficient after-sales service
ontinuously create value for customers
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