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Install detection content

1. The overall shelf is stable, coordinated and beautiful, and the overall size is consistent with the drawings. Mainly consider the shelf design specifications, material selection, material thickness, etc., whether it can meet the user's load-bearing requirements, and there is no need to choose shelves with strong load-bearing capacity to store light items. goods to avoid waste of resources.

2. The overall shelf cross, inclined beams and columns are firmly connected. The main consideration is to assemble the shelf components, that is, the shelf cross beams and column pieces are assembled into a frame. Some small shelves will be laid with steel laminates or wooden boards, which are plug-in installations without welding. , easy to install and disassemble.

3. The shelf is firmly connected to the ground. The main consideration is to fix the bottom plate of the heavy-duty shelf with the ground. Generally, holes are drilled in the ground, expansion screws are put in, and they are firmly fixed with the screw holes on the shelf foot plates. This requires that the number of expansion bolts cannot be Too little.


Acceptance test content

1、Confirm whether the shelves received are delivered according to the order quantity, all accessories are complete, the color matches the sample, and the packaging meets the requirements;

2、Overall shelf installation accuracy inspection;

3、The vertical deviation of the shelf piece is not more than 10mm;

4、Height deviation of beams on the same floor±2mm;

5、Deviation of center distance between the bottoms of adjacent shelf columns±2mm;

6、The misalignment deviation of shelves in the same row in the same lane is not greater than5mm;


Shelf manufacturing accuracy testing

1、Imported CNC machine tools are used to punch and form the columns, and the head and tail holes have errors.±2mm

2、at full load,The inner and outer curvature of the column should be less thanH/1000,The load deflection of the beam should be less thanL/250;

3、The rigidity and strength of the shelves comply with machinery industry standardsGB/5323-91;

4、The shelf welding process is implemented in accordance with national standards. There is no desoldering or false welding. Each welding part is manually removed from welding slag and spatter.;


Shelf surface treatment process inspection

Black blank—removal of surface dirt—chemical rust removal—phosphating—plastic spraying—leveling and solidification—packaging inspection and storage


Project preparation

1、Engineers communicate actively and effectively with customers, understand their testing needs for shelf risk management, determine the basic information on shelf risk management services required by customers, and communicate in a timely manner;

2、Fill in the shelf survey form, including the number of shelves, warehouse shelf drawings, shelf types, warehouse usage environment and other surveys to understand the most real situation of the shelves;

3、Combined with the customer information, the technical department will issue a detailed shelf risk management service quotation.


Project implementation

1、Content: Carry out shelf risk management based on shelf conditions and quotations;

2、Method: visual inspection, equipment testing, data analysis;

3、Results: After the project is completed, our company will issue a systematic "Shelf Inspection Report";

4、During the entire project testing process, each shelf engineer was fully in place, tracking the entire process, and promptly communicating with customers on the testing situation.。


Standards and Specifications:

Standard number/standard name

EN 15635-2009 Steel static storage equipment. Application and maintenance of storage equipment

EN 15629-2010 Steady-state storage equipment made of steel. Specification for storage equipment

EN ISO 15620-2019 Steel static storage equipment. Adjustable pallet racking. Tolerances, deformations and gaps

EN 15512-2019 Steel fixed storage equipment. Adjustable pallet racking system. Structural design principles

EN 15878-2010 Steel static storage systems. Terms and definitions

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