Shuttle Rack-06

Shuttle Rack-06

The shuttle is suitable for the transfer and transportation of various pallets of goods, widely used in warehouses, warehousing logistics centers, and most commonly seen in dense three-dimensional warehouses.
Shuttle shelf is an efficient, high-density, low-cost storage method, compared with through the shelf, the storage capacity is comparable, but safe and reliable, the shelf is not easy to damage

Shuttle shelf is an efficient, high-density, low-cost storage method, compared with through the shelf, the storage capacity is comparable, but safe and reliable, the shelf is not easy to damage; This kind of shelf needs to be compatible with the shuttle car, driven by a rechargeable battery, the shuttle car travels on the track and enters a specially designed shelf tunnel, using lifting plates and positioning sensors, each cargo will be transported to the farthest storage location in the tunnel. Access to goods can be easily operated by the forklift via remote control.

Structural features: mainly by the shelf part, shuttle and forklift truck three parts. The shuttle can lift the pallet itself and run along the track in the shelf lane, transporting the goods from the entrance to the lane or from the lane to the exit.

Shuttle shelves are favored by cold storage users. When land costs are rising, personnel and operating costs are high, the storage industry with increasing space and manpower needs is undergoing great challenges! "Shuttle High density Pallet Storage System" is the right choice for you! Drive-in shelf shuttle, this product advanced performance, reliable technology, can greatly improve the user's logistics efficiency. The shuttle pallet storage system is composed of shuttle shelf, battery driven shuttle and forklift. The shuttle is on the track below the pallet, and it can run on the pallet, loading the cargo on the pallet into the cargo space or taking it out of the cargo space.

Safety design:

1. Anti-foreign body collision design

2. Multi-vehicle operation anti-collision design

3. Laser positioning protection system, no anti-collision sign is required on the track

4. Design to reduce malignant working failures:

5. Battery shortage alarm, when the battery power is insufficient, stop at the entrance for processing

Applicable occasion

Step 1: Tray

2. Each lane stores the same kind of items

3. The shelf height is limited by the operating height of forklift trucks

4. Two or one end in and out (first in first out or first in last out)

5. A strong competitor of rolling shelves, extrusion shelves and drive-in shelves

6. Suitable for cold storage

Product properties are as follows:

● Achieve dense storage of pallet goods, significantly reducing warehouse construction costs

● Goods first in first out, first in last out can be freely selected

● Achieve drive-in shelves without drive-in, high efficiency in and out

● Seismic safety performance is much higher than the drive-in shelf


Simple structure and high safety
Simple structure and high safety
Low cost and convenient operation
Low cost and convenient operation


Strong production and delivery capacity

Strong production and delivery capacity

Automatic production process
More than 100 tons of steel are processed every day
Professional design, customized

Professional design, customized

Professional design to provide customers with reasonable
Professional warehouse storage scheme
Factory direct selling, cost saving

Factory direct selling, cost saving

No middleman makes the difference
More affordable price
Production and installation, whole process service

Production and installation, whole process service

Professional and efficient after-sales service
ontinuously create value for customers
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