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●The purpose of enterprise
Review the past and look forward to the future, Stewart Bo is still in good faith, innovation as the company's first purpose, to establish the Chinese brand of high quality shelf as the goal and continue to fight. Adhere to the idea of a high degree of integrity, good faith casting on the concept of brand.

●The business philosophy

Companies adhering to the "pioneering spirit, sincere service, efficient operation; quality; the pursuit of innovation, the first fight forever." The enterprise idea, expressed sitebo people to develop innovative ideas and firm and indomitable spirit.

●The corporate culture

Work carefully, carefully, and then carefully;

Quick, quick, quick response;

Be humble, modest, and modest;

Work hard, try harder;

Simple thing to do a thousand times without an accident is not simple,

Easy to do in front of mistakes is not easy.

●The management thought

Simple, efficient and healthy

To simple management methods, to seek efficient operation, to achieve the purpose of health.

●The spirit of enterprise

Truth-seeking, innovation, hard work and dedication is peculiar to the shelf enterprise spirit, historical heritage, focus on the future, complement each other, mutual promotion, always encourage and inspire the shelf with an ultra conventional, across the development way for realizing enterprise grand vision and sacred mission!

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