Industry observation: stable shelf strength training future wings

Storage and packaging, transportation, loading and unloading, sorting, information management is the six basic functions of logistics, and the shelf is one of the main storage facilities. It can be said that the shelf is a modern industrial warehouse, logistics center, distribution center essential components. With the overall growth of China's economy, logistics and warehousing industry is developing rapidly, all walks of life on the shelves of the growing demand. Professional, large-scale shelf manufacturing plant came into being, to promote the development of the shelf production to the professional, standardized direction. In recent years, throughout the industry trend, various types, specifications, function of the shelf products emerge in an endless stream, a unique brand -- Beijing sitebo storage rack, after many years of practicing internal strength, has now become today's storage shelf products in gold products, has a very wide range of applications in the field of industry. It is not only to provide customers with more quality products, more choices space, but also to the customer in the warehouse management, provides a more convenient and efficient management program, a good logistics warehouse management.

With the development of modern logistics industry, people have a deeper understanding of the value added services provided by modern logistics. Beijing sitebo storage shelves shelves as a leader in brand, but also in practicing internal strength, conform to the trend of development. Specifically as follows:

Innovation and improvement of the product itself

Beijing shelf is committed to the development of modern logistics technologies, research, design, production and installation of professional manufacturers. The two companies have affiliated enterprises, respectively is the Beijing sitebo storage rack Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Sales Department, Beijing Stewart broad shelf processing factory. After the reporter on the market a lot of visits and understanding. It is reported that shelf products has been widely used in Electromechanical, aerospace, electronics, machinery, automobile, telecommunications, railways, ports, food, textile, petrochemical, culture, education, finance and other industries, types of products including storage light shelves, storage shelves, heavy shelves warehousing, warehouse loft style shelves, special auxiliary equipment and various non-standard shelf. To present more than ten years of production and sales history. After many years of accumulation of good reputation, a variety of products under the brand has been supported by the majority of customers and trust. In terms of the quality of the products, sitebo requirements of excellence, for each piece of product are strict, try to make the most perfect shelf to provide to the customer, and continuous research and innovation, to follow up the era of technology products to occupy the market.

Industry observation: shelf strength training future wings

Improving logistics efficiency with modern technology

According to industry sources, at present, the industry has not formed the corresponding industry standards, modern warehousing and logistics industry to use modern technology, tools to improve the efficiency of logistics, which requires shelf companies not only to provide shelf products, but also from the perspective of users, with professional technology to provide a suitable shelf layout and design.

In terms of service, facing the customers to buy and use the shelves, Stewart Bo are trying their best to help them solve problems related to, and guide their products used in the process of the details of the deal. According to a purchased shelf of Mr. Wang about, some time ago him friend introduced specifically to buy a turbo display. Because not familiar with the shelves, sitebo staff and patient in detail to he introduced the characteristics and functions of various products. Not only that, he also give advice and suggestions on the shelf layout, provide solutions. These intimate services to the very recognition of Mr. Wang, and expressed willingness to maintain long-term cooperation with the future.

Warehouse management to enhance value-added services

With the rapid development of the logistics industry, shelf enterprises not only provide storage shelf products, and to provide a series of overall storage solutions to the direction of development. According to sitebo internal management personnel, shelf business has just started, is mainly to provide the products on the shelves, and customers will put forward the problem how to use the shelves, the shelves enterprise can provide shelf layout and design, again further, after customers use the shelves, while solving the storage problem, will face a series of problems in warehouse management, which requires including the shelf enterprise warehouse management system, such as a series of warehouse operations overall solution. Therefore, it has also become sitebo constantly thinking and self promotion, power to do good service. Today, the shelf not only the use of modern technology, to improve the logistics efficiency, but also actively station in the user's point of view, with professional technology to provide appropriate storage solutions, has been highly recognized by customers, more to promote the performance management of warehousing and logistics customers.

Today, shelf using group has covered extensively in foreign invested enterprises, private, state-owned and other industries, although it has been in the industry started the fame, but Stewart Bo still did not stop ahead of the pace, in the growing accumulation of practicing internal, and in the crowded market shelves, opened a belongs to own world, believe with shelf constant practice and improvement, but also for more industries and enterprises to lend a helping hand, continue to fly in the future.

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