Eight attention points of Beijing warehouse shelves

Supermarket can not be profitable, and the location is correct or not has a great link. Location is good, you can survive in the supermarket shop; the operation of the use of the appropriate use of the method, the supermarket store business can flourish. Although the two complement each other in order to ensure the supermarket shop business is booming, but there is no supermarket store location of success, goodbye business, your shop is unmatched. Here to sum up eight of the supermarket store location taboo to give you a reference:
1, shop door do not have the level and slope. Even there is, the height is not greater than 1.5 meters. The shop can attract customers, but can not cater to customers' preferences. Just imagine, two supermarkets, a step, a step, you will choose which one?
2, the store width of the supermarket can not be less than 4 meters. You observe, less than 4 meters of the supermarket store you will not be too aware of it, the reason is that it is not conspicuous. According to customer experience analysis, the most suitable width is 6 meters, of course, too narrow the supermarket will also make people feel choked, the demand for the display of goods is also difficult. Small area store display know how much
3, non first floor direct shop. Including the two floor, or basement, these places are not only the location is not enough to understand the eye-catching, and out of convenience, with the convenience of the supermarket store two word principle is not consistent. Choose to go to the supermarket to buy things of the customer, certainly is to go to the convenience, to the two floor or basement, it can choose to go to the supermarket.
4. The degree of polymerization of the shop address. When customers need some goods, is also able to buy? Or is it just to buy such things and deliberately go this way to your shop.
5, eight of the supermarket shop location of the other small defects. For example: the entire store area is less than 30m2, but also the air and sunshine as well as from the main road can see problems.
Business type 6 convenience stores, for office location clustering based, at least 2500 people to support deep traffic.
7, community convenience stores generally to high-end consumer oriented, at least 1000 of the high circle is sufficient. Business district occupancy rate is low, it can not support a supermarket shop.
8, commercial street, the supermarket is the advantage of a large passenger flow. Passenger traffic is the most basic to more than 6000 people. Large passenger traffic is not big sales. Its price and the rate of entry into the shop is much lower than the community type, because the number of passenger traffic must be high enough.
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