What are the advantages of the combination of Beijing racks

Combined shelf, just as the name implies, is can be used for all parts of the shelf together with the shelf, is relative to the welded type shelf, not by welding. The combined shelves are a small class which can be classified by the classification of the shelf, so what are the advantages of the combination of the shelf?

Combined rack
1, from the process perspective, because the welding shelves is the form of self welding, and the combination of shelf life is generally made by professional manufacturers in Beijing, technology is a lot better.
2, from the perspective of the use of the welding type shelf often store a lighter goods, and the combination of goods shelves to carry a variety of weight.
3, in the field of transportation, we know, shelves in the installation should pay attention to matters a lot, combined shelf before installation is parts, to the factory assembly, visible, modular rack installation is more flexible.
4, from the disassembly, the general welding rack is not easy to remove, and the combination of the shelf in the disassembly, such as the size of the enterprise to meet the need to transfer the shelf and other factors, the combination of the shelf is reflected in its advantages.
5, from the quality and appearance, the combination of the shelf in addition to its own quality, and the appearance of the advantages, and the appearance is beautiful, especially in the customers to visit the shelf factory can reflect the size and strength of the company.
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