About the stable shelf  current situation of the development of logistics park Chinese 

The exploration and practice of logistics park in our country began in the last century 90's, the shelves subsequently set off the climax of the planning and construction of logistics park. Since the logistics zone included in the nine key projects, the development of China's logistics park to usher in new opportunities.

Logistics Park shelf is a new form of modern logistics industry development, is an important part of the infrastructure, in improving the level of logistics organization and the level of intensification, the transformation of economic development mode, and promote economic development and social stability and other aspects play an important role. At present, the main characteristics of the development of logistics park in China are the regional distribution. As an important node of logistics system and logistics industry, logistics park planning and construction has a close relationship with the economic development, showing a certain geographical differences in the distribution. The rapid development of coastal economic zone directly pull the demand of the region to the shelf, performance is the logistics infrastructure construction is relatively developed, the modern logistics development level is high, the logistics market demand is strong, the logistics park construction and development of the intrinsic demand is urgent. Along with the economic structure adjustment, the industry transfer speeds up, the central and western regions of the logistics park project is also increasing rapidly.
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