2015 8thChina international logistics Expo

China Beijing international logistics Expo (referred to as "CILE"), with the rapid development of China's modern logistics industry, and sustained growth, after seven years of testing and baptism, has become the Beijing and China logistics services, management, facilities, equipment and technology, the highest authority, one of the largest industry event.

Adhering to the previous successful experience, the Eighth China Beijing International Logistics Fair is scheduled for May 28, 2015 to 30 in Beijing - China International Exhibition center. Is expected to display an area of 20000 square meters, and the establishment of a number of professional exhibition, so that the whole industry chain has become a comprehensive coverage of modern logistics industry. In this, the Expo organizers warmly welcome the participation of the industry.

1, logistics information:

RFID automatic identification technology, bar code label, data acquisition, mechatronics technology, speech recognition technology;

GPS, WMS, ERP, GIS, EDI, SCM, MIS and other logistics management software and application in the logistics industry of the Internet of things technology;

Transportation control and data processing system, intelligent transportation system, warehouse management and control technology, electronic procurement and net settlement system;

2, storage equipment and transport vehicles:

Rack, automatic rotating shelves, storage cage, tool cabinets, tool holder, turning tools, parts boxes, pallets, material box, turnover box, trolleys, casters, frozen / refrigeration equipment, containers and packing bag, warehouse floor engineering;

Forklift truck and its attachments, AGV transportation vehicle, urban logistics distribution vehicles, trunk transport truck, Van trucks and refrigerated vehicles, special industrial truck (such as: explosion-proof vehicle, port or airport special vehicles), heavy equipment, hydraulic lifting platform and car tail plate;

The integrated automation system of storage, automatic sorting system, picking system, sensors, stereo parking system, industrial doors, boarding bridge, hydraulic and gas driven technology and drive control technology, conveyor, manipulator, vacuum handling machinery, sling, mobile power supply device, reducer, electric drum, universal ball, roller, hardware accessories;

Weighing, packaging equipment, packaging machine, packaging box, playing marking machine, packing machine, winding machine, bundling machine, packaging containers, packaging materials, reinforcement materials, non slip material.
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