Characteristic description:

Shuttle pallet is a kind of efficient, high density, low cost storage, compared with the through the shelf, storage capacity is quite, but safe and reliable, the shelf is not easy to damage; this kind of shelf need to cooperate with the shuttle, in the car with rechargeable battery, the shuttle car on the track, into a specially designed shelf tunnel, using the lifting plate and positioning sensor, each goods will be transported to the most distant storage location. Access to the goods can be easily controlled by a forklift operation.

Structure features: the main part of the shelves, shuttle vehicles and three parts of the forklift. Shuttle vehicles can be self - lift and along the track of the shelf life of the track, the goods from the entrance to the inside of the tunnel or transported from the inside of the tunnel.

Shuttle rack by cold storage to users of all ages, in today with the rising cost of, personnel and operating costs rising prices, growing space and manpower demand of the warehousing industry subjected to great challenges. "Shuttle bus high density pallet storage system" is the right choice for you! Into the type of shelf shuttle car, the product performance is advanced, technology is reliable, can greatly improve the efficiency of the logistics operation of the user. Shuttle pallet storage system is composed of three parts, which is a shuttle bus, a battery powered shuttle car and a forklift truck. Shuttle car in orbit below the tray, it can top tray, the tray on the goods stored in a location or from a location removed.

Safety design:

1 foreign body collision design

2 multi vehicle operation anti collision design

3 laser positioning and protection system, no need to crash on track sign

4 reduce the design of malignant work breakdown:

5 battery power shortage alarm, low battery, stopped at the entrance end waiting

Applicable occasion

1 tray

2 each roadway to store the same item

3 shelf height by forklift operation height limit

4 ends of the two ends or one end in and out of the goods (the first out or the advanced)

5 a powerful competitor to the rolling, extrusion, and shelf life.

6 suitable for cold storage

Product performance is as follows:

The highest density - pallet storage warehouse, significantly reduce construction costs

- goods FIFO, advanced after free choice

The realization of put-in shelf without entering the import goods, high efficiency

The anti seismic safety performance is significantly higher than that of put-in shelf

Several major characteristics of shuttle bus storage system

1, to achieve the highest concentration of the pallet cargo storage, a significant reduction in the cost of warehouse construction

2, the goods are advanced first out, advanced after a free choice *

3, remote control operation, no need to enter, import and export efficiency

4, the anti earthquake safety performance is much higher than the type of the shelf

5 and into the type of shelf, the pressure into the shelf, the gravity type shelf ratio, the comprehensive cost is lower

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