Automatic three-dimensional warehouse-03

Automatic three-dimensional warehouse-03

Automatic three-dimensional warehouses generally have an overall height of more than 12 meters. The warehouse structure is light in weight, has good integrity, and has good earthquake resistance.…
Automatic three-dimensional warehouse is suitable for using original buildings as warehouses, or building a separate high shelf in factories and warehouses.

Automated three-dimensional warehouse is a new concept emerging in logistics warehousing.The use of three-dimensional warehouse equipment can realize the rationalization of high-level warehouses, automated access, and simplified operations; automated three-dimensional warehouses are currently the most advanced form of technology.The main body of the automated three-dimensional warehouse consists of shelves, tunnel stacking cranes, entry (exit) workbench and automatic entry (exit) and operation control systems.A shelf is a building or structure with a steel structure or reinforced concrete structure. Inside the shelf is a standard-sized cargo space. The lane stacking crane travels through the lanes between the shelves to complete the work of storing and picking up goods.Management uses computer and bar code technology.

Several major features of automatic three-dimensional storage systems:

1. Save the warehouse floor space and make full use of the warehouse space.

Since the automated three-dimensional warehouse uses the assembly of large-scale storage shelves, coupled with automated management technology, the goods are easy to find. Therefore, the construction of an automated three-dimensional warehouse requires a smaller area than a traditional warehouse, but the space utilization rate is high.In developed countries, improving space utilization has become an important assessment indicator for the rationality and advancement of the system.Today, when energy conservation and environmental protection are advocated, automated three-dimensional warehouses have a very good effect in saving floor space resources, and it is also a major trend in the future development of warehousing.

2. Automated management improves the management level of the warehouse.

The automated three-dimensional warehouse uses computers to conduct accurate information management of goods information, reducing errors that may occur in storing goods and improving work efficiency.At the same time, the three-dimensional automated warehouse realizes motorization in the transportation of goods into and out of the warehouse, making the transportation work safe and reliable, reducing the damage rate of goods, and through special design, some goods with special environmental requirements can be well preserved. The environment, such as toxic and explosive goods, also reduces the injuries that people may suffer when handling goods.

3. Automated three-dimensional warehouses can form an advanced production chain and promote the advancement of productivity.

Professionals pointed out that due to the high access efficiency of automated three-dimensional warehouses, they can effectively connect the warehouse's off-site production links and form an automated logistics system in storage, thereby forming a planned and arranged production chain, which greatly improves production capacity. increase in magnitude.


Simple structure and high safety
Simple structure and high safety
Low cost and convenient operation
Low cost and convenient operation


Strong production and delivery capacity

Strong production and delivery capacity

Automatic production process
More than 100 tons of steel are processed every day
Professional design, customized

Professional design, customized

Professional design to provide customers with reasonable
Professional warehouse storage scheme
Factory direct selling, cost saving

Factory direct selling, cost saving

No middleman makes the difference
More affordable price
Production and installation, whole process service

Production and installation, whole process service

Professional and efficient after-sales service
ontinuously create value for customers
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