5 aspects of shelf layout decoration taboo

Many prospective owners in the new house keys, but also did not plan to immediately carry out the decoration, from the choice of decoration style when the beginning of a loss, shelf companies do not know which style is more suited to their own, the results lead to the decoration effect and the expected difference is far not to say, the renovation budget will be more than a lot of.

Petty gain

In fact, a lot of decoration on the disputes are caused by consumers of small cheap psychology. For example, many consumers in order to save money, hire undocumented construction team for decoration.

Apply mechanically

The appropriate reference and reference is necessary, but it is not necessary to imitate. A good decorative effect, is from the use of materials, color collocation, layout, the layout of the light, decorations, decorations, and the decoration of green plants and many aspects of personality reflected. The same decoration, in other people's house is well balanced, but in their own home can only give people a sense of confusion.

Step by step

Young people decorate a new house is easy to walk into a misunderstanding, always want to "one step", do a full house of the cabinet and some of the fixed furniture. The big sofa in the living room in the face of a background wall or a TV cabinet; the bedroom is a wardrobe, bed, eyeful is unable to move the furniture, a long period of time can be made to change and adjust.

Blind comparisons

A lot of people like to follow the trend of the house decoration, the shelves to see other people's pursuit of luxury, but also to pursue, regardless of their actual situation, the results of a bedroom decoration, the consumption of hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact, over consumption is a very immature consumer psychology. 

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