Beijing shelf more luxurious more taste

Shop supermarket shelves for jewelry store overall image will be a direct external display. Just to open a shop of friends may think that the more luxurious supermarket shelves, the more taste, but also to attract customers. But most of the experience of the owners do not agree with this view. For the first time you shop, Beijing shelf should be based on the rational design of supermarket shelves, as far as possible in order to save the main, and no need to be in the decoration of the large cost. In fact, less money can also achieve good results. Shelf will also have a special case of ultimate use in turn material resources to good account, here too simple to say. In the jewelry business, Beijing is famous traders. Beijing businessmen of some small jewelry store, simply destroyed all the walls, leaving only the cement frame columns, and booth area extends to outside the store, jewelry and even hung wall. As a result originally only 30 square meters of shops, let a person look unexpectedly is 70 square meters. They have never rented warehouse, the goods are piled up in the central position of the shop. Beijing shelf seems quite messy, everywhere filled with goods, even to the point where to stay. Some people may think that such a shop image, where the decoration, simply a grocery stalls. Definitely affect the store image.

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