Beijing storage shelf deformation and Solutions

One, the reason for the deformation of the shelf

1, the goods placed more than the shelf shelf, that is, the shelves at the time of purchase, warehouse shelves manufacturers will be based on the load of the goods to choose the corresponding material, and if the actual use, the weight of the goods when the weight of the selected material, the shelf will occur deformation.

2, the weight distribution is not uniform, will cause the deformation of the shelf, if the goods, the weight of each layer of goods are concentrated in the middle part, and both sides have no load of goods, it will cause the shelf deformation.

3, improper handling equipment operation, sometimes, the use of units in the use of equipment such as forklift truck to the goods, the problem, will lead to forklift truck hit the shelves, which leads to the shelf deformation.

4, material selection improper reason, the customer when buying shelf, inevitably will encounter some bad shelves manufacturers cut corners, cheating, thus let the shelf deforms.

Two, how to avoid the shelf deformation

1, selection of high quality steel;

2, the distribution of goods on the shelves, to avoid the goods placed in the same position;

3, the shelf in the design, we must follow the basic principles of design.

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