Beijing shelf upgrade  frist preferred mobile racking

Refrigeratory demand continues to rise, more and more special refrigerated warehouse seek professional planning for storage of different kinds of goods, such as drugs or perishable goods. Cold storage facilities investment is high, the cost is 10 times the normal temperature storage, each savvy decision-makers are in search of a question answer: Beijing shelves on how to maximize the use of cold storage? Of course, simple answer is through improve warehouse volume rate and maximum highly available to make better use of space. In this case, there is no better solution than the mobile rack system.

The advantages of mobile pallet racking

The system includes a set of adjustable pallet racks, and mounted on an electrically driven moving base, which is moved on a guide rail on the cement floor. Each set of shelves consists of 4 to 8 rows of shelves, while access to a limited number of tunnels, this reduces nearly half of the storage space. For companies planning a new warehouse, by improving the warehouse height can maximize the advantages of mobile shelves, and the high cost of the vast majority of three-dimensional library is the beginning of the construction of 2 meters. If the shelves are higher than 12 meters, forward type goods shelf; if higher than 16 meters, with narrow roadway shelves.

According to the degree of semi automation today, each region's election will not be limited by the roadway. As long as the press control button, the need to choose the roadway will open, as can be adjusted to achieve the same as the tray rack 100%. By the remote control system of the forklift, it can choose the order of 2-3 continuously. Once the forklift leaves the roadway, the next one is opened immediately, the process is not more than 1 minutes, an hour to achieve the removal of the 20-25 tray.

Cost benefit

You feel how cost benefit? Needless to say, mobile pallet racking ratio adjustable pallet racking can save costs, Beijing shelves because the types of shelves occupy less land area, saving the cost of the building. Therefore, the mobile rack is suitable for the high price of land. Operating costs are also reduced, especially property costs. In addition to the cooling of the cold storage fee, but also save the warehouse lighting electricity, because the choice of access to the lighting only open when the roadway is open. The same tray number of warehouses, the use of mobile tray shelf life less than the traditional cold storage with 50% of energy. When it comes to energy prices, the cost savings are enormous. The modular and expandable of the movable tray shelf make it the first choice for the cold storage system. With the increase in land prices and energy costs, it can be considered as the next generation of cold storage equipment.

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