Beijing shelves for you to resolve the common storage rack type of application industry

Storage shelves can according to the load is divided into light shelves and shelves of medium and heavy shelves, heavy shelves and can according to the access mode and channel divided into various types, and many types of shelves, the application of what industry, this paper sitebo Beijing shelves will detailed analysis.

1, light shelves (load 100-150KG applies to clothing, electronics, and other industrial warehouse);

2, in the amount of type of shelf (bearing 300-800KG applicable to medicine, electronics and other requirements of the industry workshop, warehouse);

3, the tray shelf (bearing 1000Kg-4000KG applicable to all walks of life warehouse logistics, pallet storage forklift operation)

4, the cantilever shelf (for long form, annular material, and long plate material storage, such as profile, pipe, sheet, etc.);

5, the gravity type goods shelf (single carrier cargo load in 1000kg following, is suitable for the production line and the circulation operation and the transmission line the flexible link);

6, Jalan shelves (also known as through racking corridor type shelf, suitable for storage of goods in large quantities, types of goods is relatively simple and the FIFO (first in, first out warehouse requirements is not high);

7, the attic shelf (suitable for small and small goods, manual access, storage capacity, for the company to save a lot of land resources, mainly for the goods is zero, small and so on customers. Such as car 4S shop, electronic, medicine, lamps and lanterns;

Under normal circumstances, Beijing sitebo shelves to customers recommend storage shelves, according to customer product, load, use frequency, storage and other aspects of considering for customers to design, rational utilization of materials to help customers to design the most reasonable scheme.

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