Storage shelves of key research

Storage shelf: shelf focusing on research of the Beijing shelf. Fu day logistics in September 2001 officially put into operation, the registered capital of 50000000 yuan. Fu Hangzhou City, the largest city of the largest city of fast consumer goods distribution warehouse. In Hangzhou, Xiasha street it hire 300 acres of land built 140000 square meters of modern normal platform of warehouse, and is building larger 600 acres of logistics park Jiubao town. Fu day logistics has been a large number of rapid distribution of civilian consumer goods in the East China region, its influence and radiation radius is still growing in the.

Fu day logistics through the introduction of advanced western third party logistics business philosophy, hired a professional manager Wang Weian, successfully opened up to Hangzhou as the core of the surrounding logistics market, has become one of Hangzhou's largest third party logistics enterprises. Rich logistics major customers including large household appliances manufacturers (Kelon, Little Swan, Electrolux, Shanghai sharp, LG, Sanyo, etc.), alcohol production enterprises (Wuliangye the number of sub brands, Jlf, etc.), convenient food production enterprises (e.g., Kangshifu, unity, etc.) and other fast moving consumer goods manufacturers (Sinar Mas paper, Vinda Paper, etc.). Gome and Yongle household appliances sales chain enterprises and China Resources Wanjia supermarket chains also rich and the logistics reached a strategic cooperation relationship.

Logistics business model is based on the distribution of storage services. Manufacturers or large wholesalers by way of trunk transport and other means of large quantities of the goods stored in the logistics warehouse in the rich, and then according to the terminal store sales demand, with a small volume of the car to the retail store or consumer. At present, the logistics company for the daily amount of 250000000 yuan per day for the customers of the logistics company. Recently, the company also expanded the storage capacity of 60000 square meters, so that the amount of goods stored per day reached 1000000000 yuan. According to the monthly turnover of 3 meters, the company's monthly logistics volume of about 3000000000 Yuan, the general manager of the use of advanced management philosophy, making the logistics become Zhejiang modern logistics industry and the Yangtze River Delta region, a dark horse". Rich, logistics for the customer to provide warehousing, distribution, handling, processing, on behalf of the collection, information consulting, logistics services and profit sources including warehouse rent, cost of logistics and distribution, circulation processing service fees, business flow chart is as follows:

The warehouse of the logistics of the rich and the warehouse are all in the warehouse. Part of the use of pallets and forklift truck carrying. Manual handling. Platform design is very unique, suitable for large container trucks, flat cars, small box type distribution car fast loading and unloading operations.

And business development is different, the information technology has been in a relatively primitive stage, only a simple single machine order management system, based on manual processing of documents. With the development trend and management capability of the logistics at present, and to provide more value-added services to customers, the logistics information bottleneck has seriously restricted the business development of the logistics industry. Until recently began to develop the logistics information management system which is in line with the characteristics of its own business.

Fu day logistics in the business and customer sources have formed a virtuous circle. How to rapidly expand the storage area, improve the processing capacity of the delivery orders, and further improve the regional influence has become a rich Japanese logistics companies to take into account the decision.

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