Railway slope safety net installation technical parameters

First, the stability of the slope of the railway slope safety network system needs to be calculated to determine the parameters of the anchor parameters, other structural parameters of the SNS protection products have been identified, the function has been defined. And for railway slope safety net slope stabilization system design and calculation software has been developed and mature, and put to the market for the majority of designers use, thus completely solve the flexible protection engineering design problems, so as to effectively simplify the design of the system.

Second, safety nets for railway slope rockfall interception system normal use and maintain the door to be enough space distance, so as to guarantee railway slope safety net mesh impact deformation does not shield damage, such as site conditions can not meet the safety distance, also should not be used.

Three, incline railway safety net in China promotion 10 years to has in the different engineering geological disaster prevention project implementation of the thousands of cases, in a large number of engineering applications, the majority of engineering and technical personnel summed up the following some mature application experience, these experiences will have help engineering designers quickly clear protective thought, to carry out flexible protection system design and selection work.

Four, soil and soil railway slope safety net engineering examples: loose rock soil slope protection engineering instance straight slope, slope stabilisation system difficult to implement and rockfall interception system can not normally use, protective thought should be according to whether have shattered conditions for different forms of retaining treatment.

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