Heavy laminate shelves

Heavy laminate shelves

It provides a better solution for the storage of large and heavy items. The storage space utilization rate is more than 95%, and only one entry and exit channel is needed...
It is suitable for the storage of small varieties and large quantities of similar goods, with extremely high space utilization. The depth and number of layers of gravity shelves can be determined as needed.

Feature description:

The heavy-duty shelf type uses the most common kind of shelf, which has good practice efficiency.Heavy-duty laminate shelves are the simplest and most common type of shelf. In addition to the unique functions of heavy-duty laminate shelves and medium-duty shelves, they also have a diversified series of pallet cargo storage shelves that can be adjusted at will and have a variety of specifications to choose from. , for any shape of warehouse.

Several major features of shelf storage systems

1. The horizontal and oblique reinforcement of the pillar group is strengthened for the first time from top to bottom, making the structure more reasonable;

2. The integrally formed cross beam can be installed with movable signs and can be directly made of ordinary steel laminates;

3. The columns have many folding surfaces and are solid and stable;

4. The two-way hanging teeth of the hanging piece make the cross beam better stressed.


Simple structure and high safety
Simple structure and high safety
Low cost and convenient operation
Low cost and convenient operation


Strong production and delivery capacity

Strong production and delivery capacity

Automatic production process
More than 100 tons of steel are processed every day
Professional design, customized

Professional design, customized

Professional design to provide customers with reasonable
Professional warehouse storage scheme
Factory direct selling, cost saving

Factory direct selling, cost saving

No middleman makes the difference
More affordable price
Production and installation, whole process service

Production and installation, whole process service

Professional and efficient after-sales service
ontinuously create value for customers
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