Through-type shelves

Through-type shelves

Through-type shelves, also known as drive-in shelves or corridor-type shelves, are continuous whole-building shelves that are not divided by aisles.
It is widely used in industries with large storage capacity, small variety, and frequent entry and exit of warehouses, such as cold storage food, beverages, raw material warehouses, dairy products and other industries.

Through-type shelves are also called drive-in shelves or corridor-type shelves.The characteristics of the shelf are as follows: 

1. It is a continuous whole-building shelf that is not divided by channels. On the support rails, the pallets are stored in the depth direction, one after another, which makes high-density storage possible.

2. Goods are accessed from the same side of the shelf. Deposit first and take out later. Counterweights and forward-moving forklifts can easily drive into the middle of the shelf to access goods without occupying multiple aisles.

3. This kind of shelf is suitable for storing large quantities and small varieties of goods.

4. The drive-in rack has a fully plugged-in assembled structure. The column pieces are assembled structures. The total depth of the shelves in the wall area can be designed to be within 7 pallets at most. The total depth of the shelves in the middle area that can be entered and exited from both sides is usually 9. Within the depth of the pallet to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift access.

5. The investment cost is relatively low. It is suitable for situations where the horizontal size is large, the varieties are small, the quantity is large, and the cargo access mode can be predetermined. It is often used to store large quantities of the same type of goods.It is widely used in various warehouses and logistics centers such as food, tobacco, dairy, beverage and other industries, and is also common in cold storage.

Through-type shelves can provide large storage capacity in a small space. They are widely used in industries with large storage capacity, small varieties, and frequent entry and exit, such as cold storage food, beverages, raw material warehouses, dairy products and other industries.

The principle of the through-type shelf structure is to connect several rows of column pieces. There is no cross-beam structure, and it is supported by the top beam. It is formed by connecting the corbels to the pallet guide rails. The pallet goods are placed on the pallet guide rails.Forklifts can drive directly into the cargo lane to access goods. When storing, go inside first and then outside. When picking up goods, go first outside then inside. With a typical first-in-last-out storage concept, the warehouse space utilization rate is about 70%.The same as the beam rack, first determine the form, specification, size of the pallet, the height and weight of the items, and the parameters of the forklift used. Then count the number of pallets of each variety (SKU) of stored items to determine the height of the rack. , span, depth and floor height, etc., can be customized.


Simple structure and high safety
Simple structure and high safety
Low cost and convenient operation
Low cost and convenient operation


Strong production and delivery capacity

Strong production and delivery capacity

Automatic production process
More than 100 tons of steel are processed every day
Professional design, customized

Professional design, customized

Professional design to provide customers with reasonable
Professional warehouse storage scheme
Factory direct selling, cost saving

Factory direct selling, cost saving

No middleman makes the difference
More affordable price
Production and installation, whole process service

Production and installation, whole process service

Professional and efficient after-sales service
ontinuously create value for customers
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