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After twenty years of accumulation, along the way, Strobel has embraced the world with an open mind and a global ambition, only for the small precision and instant results.An enterprise in the field of warehousing equipment - Strobo Shelves.In China, Sweden, Canada, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, and everywhere in the world where warehousing equipment is needed, Strobo is performing wonderfully.

Beijing Stebo Shelf Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to the integration of development, design, production and installation of modern logistics technology.It has strong technical force and advanced production equipment, as well as mature production technology and perfect quality system.Won more than ten qualification certificates.After decades of entrepreneurship, the company has now become a leading enterprise in the storage equipment manufacturing industry in the northern region.

The company has been determined to manufacture and develop warehousing equipment for many years. The product types include: automatic three-dimensional warehouse, shuttle rack, gravity rack, press-in rack, mezzanine platform rack, heavy-duty rack, beam rack, through rack, wire rod Type shelves, flow shelves, medium and light shelves and other logistics warehousing equipment.Thousands of large warehouses have been completed for domestic enterprises.Products have been involved in many industries such as: logistics, medicine, clothing, electronics, coatings, printing, tobacco, cold chain, mechanical equipment, hardware tools, construction and building materials, chemicals, printing, craft toys, textiles, home furnishings, instrumentation, metallurgy and minerals, Food, security equipment and other industries.

Practicality, innovation, hard work, and dedication are the entrepreneurial spirit of Stebo Shelves. It inherits history, focuses on the future, complements and enhances each other, and always motivates and inspires Stebo Shelves, striving to achieve the company's grand vision and goals through leapfrog development. A sacred mission!

Looking back on the past and looking forward to the future, Sitebo still takes integrity and innovation as its corporate purpose and continues to strive to establish a Chinese shelf brand.Adhere to the concept of thinking that determines the height and building the brand with integrity.Through continuous innovation and maintaining technological strength, we will promote the products and services the company provides to customers and become a competitive shelf enterprise.

We are thriving
Produce better products
In the future, the company will continue to adhere to the concept of professional development, continue to broaden its business ideas and business scope, make continuous improvements in product research and development, market development, and improve service levels, and strive to become a brand supplier of automated warehousing trusted by customers.
Advantages Perfect equipment, to ensure the reliability and stability of product quality
Adhere to the tenet of "survival by quality and development by reputation"
Establish corporate image and product reputation. Quality assurance, fair price!

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